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iergo data migration consultancy

The iergo Advantage

According to the Bloor Industries report 80% of Data Migration projects over run time and/or budget.

Cost overrun's average 30%Time overrun's average 41%

The main reasons for this persistent failure, again according to Bloor, is that Data Migration is not recognised as a skill set in its own right and 75% of companies had to develop their own methodology for data migration.

What we do

We at iergo do nothing other than Data Migration.

We are not linked to, nor re-sell any software for any vendor. We are software agnostic.

Our collective years of Data Migration success are based on our adherence to the only available methodology - Practical Data Migration (PDM) - led by the worlds leading author on the subject Johny Morris support our claim to be the leading consultancy in this area.

So if you need:

  • Data Migration strategy,
  • Data Migration software tool selection
  • Data Migration lifecycle support management or staffing
  • Data Migration project rescue