Experian Pandora

Pandora was one of the leading data profiling tools available but now that it has joined the Experian Data Quality family it has the added benefit of integrating their data enrichment software to enhance its already credible data quality management capability. Experian Pandora also has a surprisingly elegant solution to the vexed Archiving question.  So best of breed Profiling and Data Quality plus Archiving, aligned to PDMv2 Landscape Analysis, Gap Analysis and Mapping and Legacy Decommissioning modules with the added benefit of a powerful Data Prototyping capability that allows you to collaboratively develop your Extract Transform and Load rules in real time.  This latter may be sufficient for smaller scale ETL functionality - especially where the target is a staging database with a Systems Integrator sitting the other side ready to perform the final load.

What they say about themselves:

"Experian Pandora is a next-generation data migration tool that can ensure you dramatically reduce the cost, duration and risk of your data migration initiatives"

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hopp tech - migFx

migFx is an extract, transform and load (ETL) generator and migration engine.  Its fully integrated functions mean that it sits over both GAM (Gap Analysis & Mapping) and MDE (Migration Design & Execution).  Therefore, the traditional flow from mapping, to design, to build, to execution is automated within the software.  This removes the errors transcribing data requirements from one format to another traditionally create.

One of its unique strengths is its support for Units of Migration (called Business Objects in migFx). Business Objects are validated as a unit, and are migrated, or not at all.  This removes the necessity to have special roll back code written.  It also means data lineage and migration readiness reporting, at the level of business object, is built in.

Contact them at www.hopp.tech

What we say about them

“For its key role, at the heart of a data migration project, it provides the best fit to PDMv2 of any software so far examined.” (from migFx PDMv2 Compliance Report)

What they say about themselves

“Our toolset comes ready ‘out of the box’ and enables our clients to deliver data migrations faster, cheaper and better than any other tool. With a focus on business logic, it ensures that the data migration becomes a business lead activity that stays transparent for all stakeholders.”