We would not have done it without your support and guidance
— JK – Delivery Manager The Financial Times

For many IT and non-IT staff a significant Data Migration can be a once in a business lifetime experience.  We simply do not change our core business systems very often.  There is a very real risk therefore that even the most competent and experienced IT staff need support when it comes to setting up and running a data migration.

The PDM Migration Risk Assessment takes the best practice embodied in PDMv2 and usinging statistics from industry studies of successful and unsuccessful data migrations calculates areas of project risk.  These are translated into potential time and money overruns if the accompanying recommendations are not enacted.

The results are expressed graphically in terms both as gap analyses and projected cost and time overruns.  There is also a comprehensive written report and recommendations. 

Gaps between current and best practice

Gaps between current and best practice

We all recognise that in a less than perfect world it may not be possible to rework all aspects of your project environment.  Therefore the analysis is re-run using assumptions agreed with you about what can be fixed, what can be mitigated and what must be lived with.

This second analysis gives you a new baseline to work from and a confidence in your end dates and budget outcomes.

Migration Risk Assessments are carried out by associated providers (principally our training providers).  Ask for a copy of the MRA brochure for more information.