Data Migration - Moving the Mail

With DMM9 less than 5 weeks away, here I introduce a sponsor new for this year 

Quadrotech are a company who specialise in the migration of email especially within the Windows environment.  They have a special talent for extracting data from almost unextractable 3rd party email archive systems.  Now this is something I have never had to perform but I know from experience just how hard it is to extract anything from archives that have been designed primarily for capture, retention and e-discovery so I praise them for their persistence.

They are also having a busy time of it right now, what with Microsoft exchange 2013, 2016 and Office 365 adoption, and of course all this on top of the classic archive migration scenarios for M&A and platform transformations.  Maybe we should employ their services here at iergo.  We have moved to Windows 10 from a heterogeneous collection or XP, Windows 7 and even Windows Vista machines.  The undoubted commercial logic of a subscription model also led us to move over to 365.  However we haven’t managed to get Outlook 365 to work properly on Windows 10 so we flipped back to an earlier version until we get another widow of opportunity.

Like all niche players it’s not until you pause to think about them that you realise just how vital they can be.  For some organisations retention of years of emails is a regulatory requirement and in mergers and de-mergers transfer of email archives is one of those items that should, but may not be, on the check list.  And, as we have found, the regular churn of Microsoft through its version cycle means we are always either facing or recovering from their latest initiative.  Microsoft themselves have recognised the help Quadrotech offer with a Partner of the Year Finalist award in their messaging category.

Come see them at DMM9 where they will be making use of them in our try before you buy Workshop room to demo their offerings alongside Experian Data Quality and Vision Solutions.

And with 5 weeks remaining you may think there’s plenty of time but there is a floor limit and we don’t want to disappoint anyone.  Check out what’s on offer at  Twitter – @johnymorris