Data Migration Pirates and Brides

This week news on a link up between X88 and Experian and a moan about pimping the search engines. 

First let me boast at this point that the launch of this web site went excellently well.  It was well received with a few minor quibbles.  A few folks said that the navigation menu's were difficult to read in their semi-opaque state and this has been corrected.  Amazing what looks cool in the design studio but doesn't work so well in the real world.

There were also requests for a forum type page to be set up.  We are investigating the feasibility of this.  I'm for it personally my only concern is that as a lot of traffic (at the moment) is being directed via LinkedIn groups, and they have the same forum functionality. Would I be causing myself more confusion having parallel threads running in two places?  Personally I think it worth the risk but let's see eh?


Onto the subject of today's diatribe.  Having put up this website and therefore reviewed the Google search results for Practical Data Migration I find that there are imposters (or at least impressionist wannabe's) who are responding to the Practical Data Migration call without training, accreditation or  compliance.  Caveat Emptor as the Romans would have said (roughly translates as "Buyer Beware").  Genuine PDMv2 practitioners will be proudly baring their PDMv2 Accreditation badges on their site not masquerading behind a paid for Google page placement.

Perhaps I should be flattered that PDM is something worth pretending too I suppose.

I am refraining from naming names today but if these miscreants do not mend the error of their ways I may be forced to act. You have been warned.

Happier news for my friends at X88, responsible for the fabulous Pandora software have finally come clean about their intentions and entered into nuptials with Experian.   For those  in the data management fraternity here in the UK you may be more familiar with the QAS brand than Experian because QAS's data quality and enhancement tools are pretty well ubiquitous in the name and address space.  I certainly rarely go onto a site in the UK where  they don't feature.

Of course if your work takes you closer to the sales process then you will know Experian for its credit rating services rather than the QAS brand - but it is the data quality aspects we will reflect on here.

As the two newly weds bed in I have to congratulate the happy couple on what looks, from the those who know them, as possibly a marriage made in heaven.  On the one hand the blushing young bride Pandora, in the way of youth everywhere, challenging accepted norms with youthful dynamism.  On the other, the more mature Experian who already have a substantial presence in many industry verticals.  

It seems that the offspring of this union are already out of the nursery and making their own way in the world.  A surprisingly short gestation period one might say but possibly a testament to the fecundity between the betrothed.  It propagates  the benefit of the name and address awareness and data enhancement products in the Experian genome, within the heterogeneous profiling and  data quality abilities of Pandora and builds on the pre-martial relationship they enjoyed in collaboration over the QAS /Experian Data Quality tool.  Perhaps not surprising then that Experian Pandora (as they have named their progeny, which may not be startlingly original but is at least explicable) emerged fully formed from the coming together of the two parties - perhaps more Aphrodite than Pandora but who am I to extend this into a classicist discussion?

However putting aside the marital humour for a moment, and looking at this from a commercial and technical perspective I can see this as being a great success. Experian is, as I said, ubiquitous and trusted at the highest levels within the finance departments of most FTSE 100 corporations.  Enterprises are betting their level of bad debt and therefore profitability on the basis of Experian's knowledge of the customer.  It is also one of the few credit rating agencies to come out of the 2008 debacle with an unimpaired reputation.  However just as it is trusted so it is a little stolid.  X88 on the other hand is the new kid on the block, bringing disruptive technology to market. Combining the strengths of both of them - the trustworthiness of one brand and the brilliance of the other, the deep knowledge of data subjects (both people and other legal entities) of Experian and the technical innovation of Pandora,  could create exactly the right cocktail for a fizzing success. There is also the possibility of the contrary with the bureaucracy of an established institution stifling the fleet of foot brilliance of the upstart to the detriment of both.

However this blog wishes the newly weds well and will be keeping a watching brief.  Normally I would at this point give you the url to follow up this blog, but this romance has been of such a whirlwind nature that checking or or,uk or even I seek in vain any reference to it but I expect the blushing bride and proud groom to make public their private joy at any moment.

Johny Morris